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Farrell's Showed Me That There Are No Excuses

I decided to join Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping shortly after my girlfriend had completed her ten-week session. Before Farrell’s she didn’t exercise and she completed the ten-week program with noticeable changes. The workout routine I had prior to joining FXB was running and going to the gym to lift weights. There were other people I knew that also went through program and their success inspired me as well. I decided to see what the program could do for me. There were two things that my girlfriend mentioned to me before I joined, she said I was going to be sore and the nutrition was key to see improvements. I wasn’t in the program very long until I understood what she was talking about.

I recall my very first time that I stepped on to the mats for kickboxing class.  The voice inside my head was telling me that I could do this and I put on my kickboxing wraps. The instructor started class right after the warm up. My heart was beating and sweat was dripping off my face just from the warm up. She told all ten week participants to raise their hands. Within seconds a FIT member asked me if I would partner up with him. I accepted the challenge. Nervousness took over as I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep up with him.  The instructor started off with a right jab and explained form and technique of the kickboxing moves. 45 minutes flew by and then I heard 3.2.1.  My first class was complete. I took off my gloves and wiped my face. The FIT member gave me a high five and asked if I had ever boxed before. He told me that I did great job for my first class. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

In the first few weeks of the ten-week program, my coach and an instructor from C Street at Cedar Rapids took time to show me proper form. I always recall their advice, I learned to slow down and focused on punching and kicking the bag the correct way. My first lower body resistance bands class was an eye an opener. I had no idea how sore I was going to be until a couple days later going up the stairs. You have to love lunges and back step lunges as the soreness sticks with you for days!  The motivation that I had to take the program serious was immediately there.

In the beginning, I remember I focused more on trying to use the higher color resistance bands. I thought using them would make me stronger. I learned with guidance from an instructor who took the time to explain to me that bands with less resistance could be more effective with proper form than using heavier resistance band colors with improper form. I discovered that the Farrell’s instructors care to improve form not only for our safety but to help us to succeed at our transformations. This is what is great about this program. I have had other memberships to other gyms and never had anyone explain/ model proper form or show concern/safety.

The biggest obstacle that I still struggle with is the nutrition. This is the difficult part of the program or any program to say. People believe that exercising is tough. They are wrong. It’s the nutrition that plays a major role to see improvement. Stay away from alcohol, fried foods and processed food; you have to feed your body fresh ingredients every two to three hours. Preparing the food wasn’t challenge for me and I manage my 80 ounces of water daily. I have learned how to eat the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates. Nutrition is still a challenge for me but I have learned to eat better since I have started my journey.

I’ve been a part of the Farrell’s family for two years. In that time I have met a lot of people. It’s a wonderful feeling walking into different Farrell’s location and knowing the instructors/ FIT members. Since I began my journey; my motivation is to beat the old me. I always push myself though each workout.  At the Farrell’s location in Iowa City; they have adopted the motto “Yes, You Can”. This is a phrase that I say to myself while working out or running a 5k. There are times I hear the voice in my head telling me to quit. You have to tell yourself  you can do what you put your mind to and to tell that other voice to shut up.  No excuses! It’s all about level 10.

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